Saturday, January 30, 2010

RAD Week #4

I can't believe I only made one metal ring last week. I really like the mini-series of take out dinner order trash rings. The Salt & Pepper, Chop Sticks, Fork, and Straw Wrappers were fun to do. The fork (stabby) ring got over 125 views and over 20 comments! That was fun. My knit and felted wool finger cuff was a challenge - I wasn't sure how much larger than I needed to knit it. I put it through the hot wash and dryer about 4 times (I got a lot of laundry done that day). The spaghetti was after a long day and just trying to get the dinner leftovers put away. My metal ring is of coarse my favorite. The petal shaped hollow form with a garnet on top, which goes with my Project Runway Challenge entry, Petal Keeper. This was a busy week without much time at the bench, so hopefully I'll be able to make more in metal this week! The RAD group on flickr has over 200 members now! Here are some of my favorites from others last week:

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