Friday, January 1, 2010

Ring A Ding Ding!

I have accepted a challenge from Nina Dinoff along with several others to make a Ring a Day. She's hoping we'll make it for a whole year, but we're starting with the 31 days of January. I'm not sure I'll make it every day, but I love the idea. Not all of the rings will be saleable - some may be made out of unconventional materials, it should be fun to do and fun to see what others come up with. You can keep up with the challenge by looking at the flickr group - Ring a Day, and anyone is welcome to join, so please do and post your photos!

New Year's Eve was a quiet one for me, so I took a few moments and made a ring for day 1. It's just a simple stamped band and it's available in the shop! So happy 2010!

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