Monday, January 25, 2010

Project Runway Jewelry Challenge: Season 7.1

Project Runway, season seven has begun and the EtsyMetal Jewelry Challenge is on again, following their assignments for fashion and translating them to metalworking jewelry. The first episode of the new season started out with contestants choosing five fabrics to make a garment that represented them as designers. Our missive was to create a piece that incorporated the number five in some way. My submission is the Loves Me Keepsake Box Necklace, a hand fabricated sterling silver box, a keepsake for love notes or flower petals. It has five copper flower petals on the front of the "loves me" box and five garnet beads incorporated into the chain. It's my new favorite design and I hope it will sell for Valentine's Day. This piece goes with a group of pieces I make that I think of as, 'things I said when I was a child' - like the See a Penny Necklace, and a few others. Here are a few of the other Project Runway Jewelry Challenge 7.1 submissions:

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