Monday, February 7, 2011

Blog Carnival: Other Artistic Endeavors

February Topic: Non-Metal Creativity
Tell us about other kinds of art and craft you do. What other media do you work and play with? How often do you get to create? Does it relate to or inspire your metalworking?

I don't have a lot of time to do arts and craft outside of silver-smithing, but I do enjoy being creative. I like knitting, sewing, water colors, papier-mâché, and paper crafts. I have done some counted cross stitch with beads, quilting, and embroidery. These are what I would consider hobbies, and I wish I had more time for them. Occasionally, one of these activities will find its way into my jewelry making.

Here are some knitted gauntlets I made - I love them and wear them when it's chilly:
Knitting has made its way into jewelry. Several of my RADs were knit last year, and then there's this bracelet:
Here's an example of counted cross stitch done in seed beads:
close up:

Embroidery made its way into jewelry in this brooch and some others that have not been photographed:
Quilt Squares done in the style of Baltimore Quilting. This is a project that has been ongoing for a number of years. I have hopes of one day finishing and having a completed quilt, but for now its just for fun.

At the moment I have very little time to play with craft and hobbies. I am volunteering at my kids' school, facilitating an in class lesson once a month. The program is "Art Masters". There are a variety of techniques and materials used for the projects. In January, we worked in pastels on paper using the work of John James Audubon for inspiration. I love to see what the students come up with. Their talent and creativity are an inspiration for me.

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  1. That seed bead embroidery is incredible! And I love seeing how your other creative endeavors have made it into your jewelry.

  2. Your seed bead cross stitch is incredible!

  3. Wow! That seed bead work is amazing! I imagine that would take a lot of patience. I love your quilting and knitting as well.

  4. Wow Nina! so talented in so many areas! that seed bead piece is amazing!!

  5. I have never seen like this before. Nina - you proved me that you can do it. Great job!