Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Studio Mascot

This is Ozzy.  He's a betta fish that my youngest son brought home from a birthday party last year.  He is named Ozzy for Mr. Osbourne by the small boy who loves loud music.  In our family we have a little bit of history forgetting to feed animals who don't bark or meow for their food, so I have him on the counter in front of my bench.  If I look up, I see him and remember to drop the small pellets of food into his vase, which he eats audibly.  Yes, he lives in a vase because when you get a fish for a birthday party favor, you don't get a fish bowl, and I couldn't find anything better to put him in. He never complains.  In fact, Ozzy is quite animated.  If you look at him, he reacts by swishing around - it kind of looks like he's talking.  Over the past few months I have begun to show him pieces I'm working on and asking for an opinion.  Ozzy is always positive.  I've grown fond of the little fish that I groaned over when he first came in the door.  Our dog makes a mess and doesn't care for anything I'm working on or doing unless it has to do with tennis balls or food.  The cats are mad at me because of the dog and they only come by the house to see what's for dinner and beg for some cat nip.  Ozzy doesn't roam or make too big a mess, so I'm pleased to give him the title, Mascot.  He's hard to photograph, though.  Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

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  1. nina I love your beta!
    I used to have a blue one and they are pretty cool i must say!
    Go Ozzy Go! ~swishhhhhhh~

    (oh and your "rad pack" and bracelet will hopefully fly off to you in the next 2 weeks!!!)

    Im a bit late but here is my June Mascot Blog Carnival article:

  2. I love your Ozzie!! I wanted a bird as a studio mascot but my wise husband talked me out of it...a fish is the way to go!!

  3. New to your blog. Your jewellery designs are interesting.