Sunday, February 21, 2010

Project Runway Jewelry Challenge 7.3:The Met

I just realized that I forgot to make this post! Challenge 7.3 (2 weeks ago) was to look through the collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art and make something inspired by a piece in their permenant collection. Luckily they have photos online as I can't swing a trip to New York at present.
I chose Joan Miro's Constellation: Toward the Rainbow as my inspiration piece. I am a parent helper at my children's school for their Art Masters Program and they recently did an amazing project based on Miro's work and I thought I could apply the same techniques to metal as they did with paper and color. So the bangle is the main piece. I took some square wire and made the simple bangle and added some bits from Miro's painting to it. I like how it turned out.
The 2nd piece is a squiggle with a Miro-style star which slides on the lower part of the pendant. It's my favorite of the two.
Please look at the EtsyMetal blog to see what everyone did for their Met inspired pieces!

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