Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Intermediate Stone Setting

A few weeks ago, I took a two-day workshop given by Wayne Werner through MASSC on intermediate stone setting. We looked at flush, pave, and prong setting diamond cut stones. These are things I "know" how to do, but am not practiced at, and don't own all the tools for, so I thought it would be good for me to practice with a master. Mr. Werner was funny and great to learn from. The photo above was him demonstrating pave setting using a large, green, diamond shaped, glass paperweight and setting it into a tub of vanilla ice cream using a spoon graver to raise beads of "metal" over the edge. That was on the 2nd day of the workshop. The first day was spent entirely on flush setting. After the demo, it was the attendees' turn to try it out. I actually got the stone to "pop" into the setting I made on the first try, so Wayne gave me a sticker for my optivisor. It says, "Rock Star" on it. He didn't see the part where the stone fell out after I thought I had it burnished in place.
I did manage to get my three CZ's flush set into my a bit of copper and one pave set into a bit of silver. The pave one is a mess, but it's in there. I need a lot more practice with a graver. obviously. I didn't have time to attempt the prong setting at the workshop, but I will work on it. I now have a wish list which includes a huge assortment of setting burrs and stones. We did make two burnishers - steel and brass - I love making my own tools! Mr. Werner also gave a presentation of his body of work and of Foredom tools - I have a wonderful Foredom Flex Shaft, but there are so many great accessories for it and some other fantastic toys I cannot afford nor have space for, but covet greatly. The hardest part of the workshop was writing the article for the MASSC newsletter, which I volunteered to do. I hope I got everything right in it.


  1. Dang~! I couldn't afford it and realllly wanted to take that one. I have *no* idea how to do anything but bezel setting cabs in thin commercial wire. Would like to know how to do that in thikcer rectangle wire too. Would have been lovely to meet you too. Sigh.

    Glad you had a good time!

  2. Funny about the huge green stone and ice cream too. Robert Danick uses a huge blob of polymer clay in the cardboard toilet paper roll and big mallet to demonstrate riveting.

  3. I LOVE the ice cream for the demo too! It just sets the atmosphere I think:)
    Thanks for sharing, he seems like a fun teacher:)

  4. The ice cream bit is such a clever idea! I soooooo want to take an intensive stone setting class. You are a "Rock Star", Nina!