Monday, June 22, 2009

Project Runway Challenge

I'm very excited to be participating in a challenge based on the program, Project Runway!  This week's challenge was taken from season 2 episode 9:  Flower Power!  The contestants were to create a dress using natural materials from the flower district.  We are using their guidelines for jewelry.  

I used leaves from my guava tree which are sturdy for the base of the cuff bracelet and blossoms from my neighbor's bougainvillea vine.  A little hot glue to keep it all together.  The bracelet is large and dramatic.  I love the bright color of the flowers.  The leaves and the flowers will actually dry nicely - the colors will not be quite so vibrant, but I think it will continue to be wearable.  

This was a fun challenge and thank you to Alisa Miller for letting me join in.  Please check out her blog for more information on the challenge!

Here's Lora's!
and Alisa's!
Mike  &  Mary   too!  Wonderful!


  1. This is just beautiful Nina! I'm so glad to have you and Victoria joining in the challenge. Welcome. ;-)

  2. Nina its beautiful!
    and its going to be so pretty when it dries too :)

    hi Lora and thank you Alisa!