Friday, March 6, 2009

Production Line, part II

The teacup charms are finished, but I have more production line photos to share. When I left off, I had finished cutting out the basic shape. I then twisted and hammered sterling silver wire for both the handle and the steam swirls.
Those elements were then soldered onto the back of the teacup.
And then they received their patina and were cleaned up with a sanding pad and steel wool. They went for a ride in the tumbler, which makes everything nice and shiny.
And finally they were done. Packaged and shipped out to Sara Westermark, who is in charge of the whole CS3 project for EtsyMetal. We have been busy listing individual charms in the EtsyMetal Shop for sale, and a bracelet with all 20 charms will soon be available! I also have those extra two charms which will soon be making an appearance in my shop.

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